Video camera image - from stock.

Blogging – Writing regular blogs for your website will move you up in the search results. The more additional up to date information that you can provide a visitor to your site with will give you the chance to demonstrate your knowledge and commitment to the latest trends in your business.

Commercial listings – People still use sites like Yell and Thomson Local to find established businesses. There are many other listings sites to use from Gumtree and Craigslist to Trusted Traders and Rated People. Getting some reviews onto sites such as Trustpilot or Glassdoor could really help you. Industry specific listings are important as well.

Commercial writing – A lot of people need help with writing short pieces, blogs and reportage. I have much experience of academic and commercial writing and could do it for you.

Contact and enquiry forms – These can be a little more tricky than expected so should be checked carefully for everything from Google My Business to your own website’s contact page.

Display advertising – This is when you see an advert, usually a banner ad or pop-up window that advertises a product or service. It relies on images, logos, texts and sometimes videos or music. You will see these ads whenever you look at sites like MSN, Twitter or Facebook. They just appear and if you click on the ads you are directed to another website. This can be complex and pricey but if targeted at the right audience it can be a highly effective technique.

E-commerce – You many want to have pages on your site where you can sell directly to the customer without a physical store or even a telephone line. There are of course costs involved, such as needing to link with the major credit card companies and PayPal plus photographing your products but this could be a highly profitable way of selling.

Email marketing – By building up a database of customer’s email addresses you can begin to use email marketing. This could involve anything from regular newsletters and product updates to special offers.

Facebook advertising – This is an immense area of marketing and while expensive its true value lies in how carefully potential customers can be targeted.

Google AdWords – This is a paid service which allows you to promote your website by specific search terms. For example if someone types ” Hairdresser Ealing” into the Google search bar and you had a quality website with these two words linked to it by Google AdWords your site could come up on the first page of search results.

Google Analytics – This tool helps websites see who is looking at their sites, when, for how long and where from. It means that you can gain ideas as to how you should adjust your site’s content, settings and marketing to increase traffic.

Logo design – A decent logo can be a useful tool. I could help with this and know a few artists who could also provide assistance.

Membership management – By allowing customers and followers to become members of your site by subscription or just from interest you will gain an immediate client base, especially if you keep them updated regularly by email. This would involve the creation of a database and require advanced email tools

Other search engines – There are other search engines than Google which are used regularly such as Bing and Yahoo. The methods used to increase visibility for your site are all similar.

Photography – I may not be a professional photographer but I do have quality equipment and plenty of experience. By providing photography services as part of a website building or marketing package I could save you a considerable amount of time and money.

Pay Per Click advertising – This is a way to advertise where you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and is directed to your site. There are no charges for the ads just appearing at the top or right hand side of the search page.

Re-targeting – This allows you to automatically direct your display ads to customers who have previously shown an interest in your product or service, either by clicking on one of your ads or by visiting your site. Your ads can appear on many other sites, even those of competitors, and often customers will not know that they have been targeted by looking at one of your pages.

S.E.O. – Search engine optimisation – This is the technique of raising your websites visibility on search engines. If your site is properly optimised then it can appear above a competitor who has paid for increased visibility. It is because the bots that scan the Internet and rank websites for indexing on search engines investigate the sites carefully for quality. They will be searching for good content, whether this be videos, original photographs or well-written blogs and careful organisation of meta data. Everything you put together for your site influences how high it will appear in search results.

S.E.M. – Search engine marketing – This is the generic term applied to everything to do with a websites visibility on search engines.

Social media management – Social media is massive and is an effective way to promote your site. There are companies you can pay to manage much of your social media like Hootsuite and SproutSocial. These can save you a lot of time so you can for instance write one blog with these tools that will then appear on five social sites, from Twitter to Instagram.

Traditional advertising – From billboard and print to radio and television I have some friends who can assist with all of this.

Video services – I have a BA in Film Production and can make low-budget videos quickly and easily for clients. Video is increasingly used in favour of written text.

Vlogging – There are some terrible video bloggers around but there are also some great ones. A quick look at YouTube will give you an idea of what people like. If you can present yourself as friendly, reliable and professional in a video you could attract a lot more business than the competition.

Website design – If you are a newbie you will need help with the design of your website. You will have to pick carefully which company you decide to go with. Often checking out the reviews to compare say GoDaddy with Squarespace would be a very good idea. This is something we should discuss in depth because there are pitfalls everywhere.

YouTube channels – Starting your own YouTube channel is a great way of promoting yourself. Video is so important for companies these days. How many times can I say it? Video, video, video!