Activity Update

Okay so I haven’t been doing much with this site since I set it up. It was more or less a learning exercise about digital marketing. I also don’t really expect anybody to read this blog but here it is just in case anyone is interested.

In April 2017 I started working as a telephone market research interviewer with a company based near London Bridge called Critical Research. I moved to Kantar UK in August for better pay, conditions and because it is only a stones’ throw away from where I live.

Since joining Kantar I have already been promoted to Senior Telephone Interviewer and start training this week. In my spare time I have been studying Java, market research and mostly Excel to an advanced level; Spanish too when this all gets a bit much. I now plan to become an Excel wizard and will offer my services to the Kantar telephone research department to gain practical experience. I’m pretty sure they could use my help.

Market research is quite an interesting side of marketing and this should keep me busy for some time while I gain experience, expand my skill base through education and application and try to move up further with this company.

I think there could be opportunities for the development of techniques for research interviewing via portals such as Skype, Google Hangouts and similar. This will require new databases and methods of combining video interviews with graphics and video. Therefore a whole new ‘CATI’ system will be required and I plan to have acquired the necessary skills before this is implemented.

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